Elena Forcén Vázquez

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)

Degree in Chemistry - Doctor of Chemistry

Department of Low Temperature Solid State Physics - Materials Science Institute of Aragón (ICMA)

University of Zaragoza - CSIC





Elena Forcén Vázquez, doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, 2014. She obtained her B.Sc. in Chemistry in 2008 from the University of Zaragoza. After that, she got her PhD in Chemistry from the same university (Excellent “Cum Laude”) under the joint supervision of Professors F. Palacio and L. R. Falvello. In 2009 she did a post-degree course on physical methods for the analysis of thin films and solid surfaces, organized by the Seville Materials Science Institute. She got the Licence of Radiation Facilities Supervisor, with the process control and analytical techniques speciality, issued by the Nuclear Safety Council in 2011


She worked on organometallic synthesis for her undergraduate final-year research project, gaining experience with different tools such as Schlenk techniques and NMR. Her Ph.D. was focused on metal-organic polymers based on cobalt and manganese citrate cubanes with potential applications in Single Molecule Magnetism (SMM) and Single-Crystal to Single-Crystal transformation studies. X-Ray crystallography and other techniques such as SQUID magnetometry and neutron diffraction studies are of great importance for a full characterization of these new materials.


In 2013 she did an internship at the University of Nottingham, where she worked on gas sorption and ElectroSpray deposition on surfaces.


Currently she is working on the magnetic characterization of different materials with SMM behaviour based con cobalt and rare-earth metals in the Department of Low Temperature Solid State Physics - Materials Science Institute of Aragón (ICMA) under the supervision of Dr. Javier Campo.